Company Closure Notice

February 6, 2024, LLC announced today that effective June 30, 2024 client business and HOA/COA website operations will be closed.

Company Info, LLC started in late 2005 after realizing that my condominum community needed a way for the Board to communicate with the residents. The first demo website was created and presented at our annual meeting in early 2006 and was enthusiastically welcomed. The site went live in March 2006.

The company was officially formed in December 2006.

Since then, our Property Manager suggested several other communities that were thinking about a website. News soon spread by word of mouth to other central Ohio Property Management companies and communities. To date, has designed over 50 community and other websites.

Ok. So you're wondering about the business name, right? As my condominium community was my home, and other communites were home to their residents, the 8124 portion of the name is the number of the house that I grew up in. Every time I see or say the name, it reminds me of home. Awwww.

The logo utilizes the same style of numbers for a house sign that I made in shop class in high school and hung on our house for years.

Now you're wondering who's beind the company. I have an IT background dating from the era of punch cards, and have always been intrigued by technology. Branching out to website design was a natural fit. I've learned so much as the technology has grown and improved. While the website company is slightly more than a hobby, I do have a full-time job working with computers and technology. And I even have a part-time job that has absolutely nothing to do with IT. It's a nice change of pace and it keeps me out of trouble! - Bill

Bill Larson, Owner,LLC
Columbus OH, USA